How should I wash my brushes?

There are a few simple steps to wash your brushes correctly:

  • At your sink use warm running water from the tap
  • Dampen one hand and place a quarter size amount of Baby Shampoo or liquid anti-bacterial soap in it
  • Dampen the brush bristles under the running water
  • Massage or roll the brush bristles into that quarter size Baby Shampoo or liquid anti-bacterial soap
  • You will see the pigments and makeup coming out of the brush bristles
  • Repeat the above steps until the brush bristles rinse clear
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the brush bristles into a small hand towel
  • Reshape the brushes and dry FLAT on a paper towel
  • Be certain brushes are completely dried before using them again with your makeup products

Never dry your makeup brushes in an upright position! The water can drip into the ferrule of the brush and cause your brush to lose hairs as well as promote rust and mildew in the brush.

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